A cuckoldry or an accident?

One of the Hluboká owners (by the way, that one who wanted to reconstruct it in a baroque style) was Adam František Schwarzenberk. He was a passionate hunter and he had his most favourite dogs painted by the most famous painters. Except that, he was married to Eleonora Amalia Lobkowitcz, very beautiful, wise and charming lady. Adam František died in a very curious way… he was deadly wounded during the hunt. He was shot by the emperor Karel VI.

According to the historical gossips, it was not an accident. The emperor loved the beautiful lady in such a way, that he decided to get rid of his rival. Even by shooting him, although he was her husband. There are two versions of the way things turned out after Adam František died. One version claims that the charming lady did not love the emperor before Adam´s death and even after. The second one naturally claims, that they were lovers for the long time and the assasination helped them a lot.