Events during the year

Ohrada´s and National Hunting festivities 

This event that takes place every year at the end of june follows the rich hunting tradition of the hunting-seat there. In the castle area you may enjoy weekend festivities full of interesting events, such as lumberers competition, exhibition of hunting and safeguarding dogs, fishing competitions etc. The atmosphere is enriched by the southbohemian folklore and musical ensembles. You may look forward to the traditional southbohemian fair or tasting of venison specialities.

Southbohemian wine festivities

In the rennaissance period an original castle winery was planted in Hluboká. Castle vintage taking place every september continues the tradition. It is a festivity of wine and stum that you can drink when listening to traditional music. You will get a few centuries back thanks to the costumes, swordsmen exhibitions, magicians and street musicians.

Summer with a theatre

From the half of june till the end of august you may visit a traditional event on Hluboká, that will please theatre lovers. Event called „Summer with a theatre in Hluboká“ is an exhibition of theatre ensambles and performances. According to the fact that the feast is taking place on the courtyard, performances have an unforgettable atmosphere.

Music festival in Hluboká

In July and August you may visit a whole series of musical performances (of various genre) in Hluboká, that are part of the music festivals there. Majority of the concerts také place in the area of the castle, so the surrounding are really suitable for the event.