Sightseeing of a castle

The greatest attraction of Hluboká nad Vltavou – its caste – offers its visitors three sightseeing paths. 

Classical variant for those, who have not ever been to the castle, is the representation path, that comprises of the best what the castle may offer to its visitors.

A path that comprises of seeing the private compartments of noblemen is called the second path. When absolving the third path, you will see the castle kitchen. What is more, you may visit the castle tower. (however, it is closed in case of windy, rainy or stormy weather).

Immediately you enter the castle your impression of the fairytale castle will be even stronger. Walls and ceilings are garnished by high-quality wood with unique decoration. You will visit the bedroon of princess Eleonora decorated by spectacular lustres, vitrages and delphian decorations. The real jewell of Hluboká is the Morning sallon, where the most precious pieces of furniture on the castle can be seen. Its design follows the English style and it was possible to go on the terace in the morning, so noblemen could enjoy the morning sunrays.

The pride of the castle is a collection of precious tapestries made in Belgium in the first half of the 17th century. They can be seen on the walls of the great dining room and you will recognise popular sayings being depicted on them. The biggest castle´s chamber is the library with the waffle floor – except the twelve thousand books (amongst them are one of the first editions of Diderot´s Encyclopedia) on decorated shelves you will be charmed by the giant globes, that make the atmosphere here a bit mysterious. What is more, you will see there the oldest piece of furniture in Hluboká.

Male visitors will surely be charmed by the chamber of men´s dreams – smoking sallon. Noblemen played a backgammon there, there were even specially prepared tables for this game. Then they smoked before the monumental marble fireplace.

The castle kitchen was opened for visitors for the first time in 2001. It is divided to the warm cuisine and to the cool cuisine. The first one was designed for cooking the meals, except cookers and fireplace there is a wisely made machine for rotating of toasting irons. A machine for apple and potatoes peeling or a machine for icecream making are the real jewels in the castle. Visitors of the castle will surely appreciate nice forms for pasties and meat puddings that were very popular amongst the nobility. You will also see a castle patisserie that supplied the nobility with desserts and sweets.