A trip to the history

Not every castle can boast with its thrilling history, as castle Hluboká can. History of this castle may be a good inspiration for some TV drama.

Originally, there was a castle that was with the highest probabilty founded by Přemysl Otakar II, the Iron and Gold king, a legendary person in Czech history. In that times, the castle did not bear the name „Hluboká“ (The Deep one), but Froburg. Why do we call it Hluboká today, is unknown. According to the fables the castle was named as „The Deep one“ because of the deep well near that place. Another fable says that it was because of the deep and dark forests that surround the castle – local nobility loved hunting and the hunting tradition lived for centuries here.

No matter what was the reason of naming the castle as Hluboká, its importance rose in the flow of time. The castle had many owners, but there were mainly two important families that changed its history markedly. The first important family was Vítek family, from which Záviš from Falkenštejn, who was executed near the Hluboká, originated. His destiny and live were so dramatic that his name is most commonly connected with the castle.

Another importatn chapter of Hluboká history was written by Schwarzenberg family, who bought the castle in the 17th century. The made two important reconstructions that produced nowadays unforgettable look of the castle and promoted it to the real jewell of the south Bohemia.

At the beginning of the 18th century the castle was reconstructed in the baroque style, but this look did not remained unchanged. One century later the owners of Hluboká – prince Jan Adolf II and his wife Eleonora visited Britain and saw the Windsor castle that charmed the princess. She decided that she wanted to live in a simmilar castle in Bohemia. Hluboká then was reconstructed to its final look in tudor gothic style. The reconstruction was done throughout the second half of the 19th century according to the project of vienna architect František Beer, who earned his experiences in England on the costs of Hluboká owners.

That decision was however widely critisised. People critisised princess for lack of good tastes and some even thought that the castle does not fit to the southbohemian countryside.

Despite the critics, the castle has its hundreds of thousands visitors that like it.

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