Plan your visit

We kindly ask visitors to not to leave the castle during the guided tour, not to go far from the guide and to follow your castle-guide´s instructions.

It is forbidden to touch the exhibits, to paint on the walls or otherwise damage the monument. 

It is also forbidden to take photographs and film recordings, to disturb the interpretation of the guide (in the case of children the parents or the person accompanying them to the chateau interior are responsible for the compliance of their behavior).
All visitors of the Hluboká nad Vltavou State Chateau are obliged to adhere to the Visitors' Rules, which contain further information (in czech language).

Návštěvní řád.pdf



1) The main car park is located next to the Penny Market in Hluboká nad Vltavou, in Nad parkovištěm street. There is also a train stop, which can bring you almost to the castle ( The castle is about 900m far from the parking, with an ascent to a steep hill.

2) You can also park in Masaryk Street.

3) Parking spaces are available at the municipal swimming pool.

4,5,6) Next to the Sport and relaxation area, at the golf course, football field and tennis courts.

7) Large toll parking is at the Ohrada Zoo.



Our castle has wheelchair access to 4 guided tours, park, gardens and the courtyards. There is also a toilet for wheelchairs.

Visitors are kindly requested to inform our staff about the wheelchair in advance if you are going to visit a guided tour.

I. guided tour (Representative Rooms) is located on the first floor, but it is possible to take the wheelchair with the help of an assistant and equipment for climbing stairs. The route is then fully accessible.

II. guided tour (Private apartments) is wheelchair accessible from the first half, which is located on the ground floor.

III. guided tour (Kitchen) is accessible in addition to the cook's office and a short part of the corridor.

VI. guided tour (Winter tour) is fully barrier-free.

Three parking places for persons with a Parking card for a disabled person are about 300m from the chateau, behind Alšova South Bohemian Gallery.


In the castle gardens and park is possible to move dogs only on a leash. It is forbidden to bring any pets with you to the chateau interiors, even if they are in a carrying bag.


In the gardens and the chateau park, the bicycle can only be guided. The bicycle stand is located in front of the entrance to the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery. But you must lock your bike!

Child facilities

Before you go with your child to visit our castle, please note the following:

  1. Children up to 15 years of age are allowed to enter the premises only if accompanied by a person older than 18 years, who is responsible for the child's behavior with the requirements of the visitors' rules.
  2. Access to the installed interiors is prohibited with baby carriages and backpacks.
  3. During the tour it is forbidden to disturb other visitors or the guide's interpretation by noise (loud speeches) or to make any other visitors uncomfortable visiting the building. (Failure to comply with this condition may be a reason for expulsion from the tour without reimbursement!)
  4. It is forbidden to damage or endanger any object, furniture, park or garden. Ie. it is forbidden to touch the walls, exposed objects, write, paint and engrave in them.
  5. It is forbidden to leave the routes and to move away from the guide and the group during the guided tour.
  6. If the instruction or order issued in the interest of visitors' safety, protection of the building and collections is not followed, the visitor will be expelled from the castle/premises without compensation of admission.


There are vending machines in the first courtyard.

The chateau restaurant is located in the atrium behind the glass winter garden of the chateau.